Personal Training

You already know I’m a professional luchadora. But did you know that before I moved to Mexico to pursue my dream of wrestling full-time, I worked as a personal trainer helping clients achieve their fitness goals?

I’m an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer with my BS in Exercise Science, and I believe that fitness– whatever that means for you personally– should be achievable for all. I have over 5 years of training experience, both in-person and remote, working with clients ranging from self-conscious beginners to professional athletes. I am also a self-coached competitor who has ranked in the top 3 of the CMLL bodybuilding competition, women’s division two years running (2018 & 2019).

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I can help you:

Gain muscle

Modify your body composition

Increase strength

Improve mobility

With COVID-19 causing wide-scale gym closures, it’s become harder for folks to stay active or pick up a new fitness habit. My plans make activity accessible. Whether you’re working out with no equipment in your living room or need guidance in your complete garage gym, I offer full training support. No in-person contact necessary.

If you’re looking for a trainer to get you to the next level of your fitness journey, shoot me a message using the form below to see if I’d be a good fit! My training shop is now live, if you’d like to check out the services I provide.

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