The Inaugural Post

Well, here goes nothing…

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a few years now, but have lacked a specific focus. Then lucha came along. I never suspected I’d become involved with something that absorbs this much of my life outside of  school and work. Lucha libre was the topic I was waiting for. Now, with over a year and a half of training and two big shows under my belt, I think I finally have enough material to start putting my thoughts down. Training at Lucha Libre Volcánica has exposed me to so many fascinating and life-changing experiences that I would be remiss for not sharing them with whoever wants to listen.

Much like my initial foray into lucha libre, this blog is an experiment for me. I’m not sure quite what to expect. I don’t plan to be nearly as prolific or as academic as fellow luchador El Fénix is with his blog, but who knows? This blog may end up turning into a springboard for further investigation. If nothing else, I’ll have a record of all the noteworthy events I want to remember.

Bear with me as I accumulate posts that actually have substance!


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