Third Time’s the Charm- The high points of “Titanes de la Lucha Libre”

On November 24th I found myself back in the ring with Rey Jaguar up against our old rivals, El Chicano and Faviola Astral. Needless to say I was a tad bitter about how things had gone down between us last time. In case you missed the memo, this summer in South Park that pair cheated their way to a win, nearly stripping Rey Jaguar of his identity.

This time we were ready for them. I think they were just a bit too confident after their last win. But their confidence was no match for a couple of high-flying tecnicos like Rey jaguar and me. We flew all over them, finally emerging victorious. That’s not to say that we didn’t get our fair share of overly rough treatment throughout the match. All of the aches and bruises I found the next morning can attest to that. Those two are always a tough team to beat.

In other news two of our newest luchadores, El Roughian and Black Panther, made their debuts in an all-out battle against one another. I have to say it was one of the most intense debut matches I’ve seen in a long time. Those two left it all in the ring, and it was damn near impossible to call the match until it was actually over. I’m pleased to say that my fellow tecnico, Black Panther, prevailed in a stunning display of agility and strength, finally pinning El Roughian for the count.

I think everyone in the arena was shocked by the outcome of the headline match. Reigning champion El Fénix teamed up with El Mensajero to take on Hero and Peligro, two of the top rudos around. However, speed and youth didn’t stand a chance against Peligro’s experience and Hero’s sheer brutality. Fénix and Mensajero took a beating and couldn’t ever quite spring back. I’m thinking its not over between those teams, though.  Luchadores will always come back for more once a rivalry has been sparked.

In the chaos of every show there is always a moment that makes me pause and realize how much of an impact lucha libre has on the people who attend our events. This time around it was the look of amazement on the face of a small girl trailing behind her mother as I made a covert dash to the restroom after my match. Hood pulled down firmly over my mask, trying my damndest to go unnoticed by the majority of the crowd, I passed behind the rows of vendors at the end of the hall. Then I looked down and saw a small wide-eyed face staring up at me. As I held one finger to my lips to imply “shhhh, you don’t see me here,“ I knew that the child was absolutely flabbergasted that she had spotted a luchadora. Her mother and siblings in front of her never saw me, but chances are decent this memory will stick with the child for a good long while. Much like catching sight of a unicorn or spying a superhero, I’m sure she hadn’t expected to find herself a mere three feet away from the character that just wrestled.

I am so steeped in lucha libre myself that I don’t often think about how extraordinary the mystery of a masked wrestler can be. That’s the great thing about wrestling for a crowd: they rekindle that sense of awe and remind me that what I do is not something to take for granted. That is what makes all the hours of training pay off, maybe even more so than winning. Win or lose, the fans will always be there, ready for the next show.

If you missed the show on Sunday, be sure to check out the Lucha Libre Volcánica Facebook page for photos and information on upcoming shows. You can also check out my personal Facebook and Twitter pages- I always let my friends and fans know when and where they can find the luchadores in action!

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