2015 Wrap Up

‘Tis the season of twinkle lights, frosty weather, and hot toddies! The blog has been pretty dormant lately because 2015 has been wrapping up quietly. October through December tends to be the off-season as far as public LLV performances go, so nothing much new to tell on that front. Mind you, that doesn’t put a halt a luchadora’s training regimen. While holiday travel usually requires a bit of a break from regular lucha libre training, I lift year-round to stay in tip-top ass-kicking shape.

On that note, I’ve been smashing some serious personal lifting records lately. My current 1 rep-max squat is finally sitting above 200 lbs… which, for reference, is more than enough to be able to pick up Trueno Verde or El Heroe in a fireman’s carry. I can almost guarantee I’ll be taking every possible opportunity to pull that one out in a future match. I’m now able to max out my deadlift at about 1.7 times my bodyweight, which isn’t too shabby. And finally, my max bench press is up to roughly 90% of body weight which, for women, puts me so far above and beyond “average” that it’s not even funny (1). But that’s no reason for me to stop there. By mid 2016 I aim to be benching bodyweight or above. Considering that four years ago I was challenged  using the lightweight dumbbells at the gym, I am continually impressed by the human body’s capacity to adapt to changing stimuli.

Yup, you read that right. I can lift these guys. Photo credit to Amanda Ovena Photography. She takes awesome photos at our shows.

In other fun news, I celebrated my 4-year lucha-versary at the end of November. This winter marks the fourth complete year I’ve been practicing lucha libre. I really don’t know what I would be doing with myself now if I hadn’t taken Ave Rex up on his offer to bring me to training my freshman year of college. I credit the sport of lucha libre with fueling (well, in reality kick-starting) my passion for physical fitness, and the Lucha Libre Volcánica family with giving me a sense of place and belonging in what was then an unfamiliar location. For me lucha libre is a method of stress relief, a meditation away from the “real” world, a metric for personal improvements in strength, balance, endurance, and coordination, and a driving force that is always pushing me toward new and exciting experiences. It is in no way – neither physically nor mentally- easy to dedicate even just part of your life to such a demanding pastime, but I can honestly say I would not voluntarily give up lucha libre at this point in my existence.

So, onward toward 2016! While I don’t have any firm dates at this point, you can expect to see me wrestling next in the Seattle/ Tacoma area again this spring. Aside from that I’ll be working hard to gain experience guiding others as a personal trainer, and continuing to kick my own butt into even better shape. I said it last year, and I’ll say it again. My New Year’s Resolution: Kick ass, take names, repeat. 2016, challenge accepted!


Ready for Christmas! All the stockings are hung by the chimney with care.


(1) To put it in perspective: During muscular strength testing, being able to bench 60% of your body weight or above is considered “excellent” for women. These charts summarize strength norms for both men and women.  (http://occonline.occ.cccd.edu/online/lskeie/pdf1RMNorms.pdf) (http://www.sfu.ca/~leyland/Kin143%20Files/Muscular%20Strength%20Testing.pdf)


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