Back to Mexico! Part 1 of (hopefully) 2

Yep! The rumors are true. I’m headed back to Mexico City this week (For a summary of my first trip, click here). Mind you, I was on the fence about it for the longest time.

If anyone’s curious, here’s what that decision-making process looked like: early this spring Ave Rex, Bat Boy, Gringo Loco, Halcón Negro & our Profe (short for profesor), José Gómez decided that they were making a trip down together. The objective? To watch professional lucha libre, train, visit with Jose’s friends, and even hopefully perform (and partake in other assorted shenanigans. As you do). They set a specific date, and planning was full-steam ahead. Profe was even in the process of getting the group booked to wrestle…

…Then the US government decided they wanted dibs on Halcón for that week, and then some (he’s active duty Army). With Halcón off the trip, they would be one luchador short for any potential matches, assuming promoters would be ok booking a mixed-gender tag match (1).

Don’t get me wrong. I was already considering going. That happened as soon as the plan was initially formulated. I felt not just a little left out at the idea of a group of my friends going and having fun without me. Plus I’ve been plagued with the perpetual question of “when are you going back to Mexico?” since even before I got back home last time. But, at the time I felt strapped for cash and that prohibited me committing to the trip earlier.

What changed my mind for good? Eh… to be honest it was a pretty arbitrary “just get over your first world problems” sort of thing. I’ve always been a bit overly protective of my money. But this time a light switch went on in my head: I’m not living in dire circumstances. I’m employed, and can take some time off without financial catastrophe. I’m clearing bills and rent on my own. I have enough money for food. Lots of people can’t say that. And I’m at a point in my existence where I know I’d look back and regret not going to Mexico City this time around.

So now the tickets are bought. It’s decided. I’m going!

I can’t say for sure yet what my time down there will look like, but I’ll be sure to let you know in part 2 when I get back!
(1) Booking mixed-gender tag matches (especially with only one female involved) is still largely iffy in the world of high-level professional lucha libre.

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