A Paywall Approaches

Once upon a time Avispa got hired by a major lucha libre promotion. This marked a turning point for her freedom of speech on social media. When operating as an agent of a company I must be conscientious of what I post on social media. It’s not quite to the “Big Brother” level, but my public persona is now under a bit more scrutiny. 

What does this mean? Well, I’m really just changing the way I post content that I would have originally posted here for free. Instead, certain blog posts will be exclusively available to members of my Patreon. For example: articles that cover sensitive topics like issues of gender and feminism in the world of lucha libre. 

I’m not terribly excited about this change-up. I would love to be able to keep giving you all full access without requiring a monthly subscription. But, in reality, maintaining this blog takes enough time to be considered a job and I can’t really keep it up without compensation. 

Don’t worry, the posts that are currently available here for free will remain accessible to everyone. And I’ll still post here from time to time without the need for a subscription. But if you want to continue to have access to the fully uncensored blog (plus some cool behind-the-scenes treats) come join me over on Patreon

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